Monday, April 18, 2016

My mom went to college!

Six years ago, my mom went back to school to take a new and exciting program at Holland College! This program was for individuals that were already working in the childcare field but did not have their early childhood education diploma. My mother has worked in an early years setting my whole life. She has a degree in recreation from Dalhousie University. This program was very exciting for the students because they were able to continue to work full time, manage their home and family life while obtaining their education. Many of the women that graduated on Saturday carried on with their lives as this program happened, many got married, had babies and continued to work hard. My mom gave a reading at the graduation ceremony and I was really inspired by the whole thing from start to finish. When the diplomas were being passed out, most of the course instructors had tears in their eyes. This program has been a long time coming and it has been able to change many lives, and will continue to change lives as these early childhood educators continue to work in the field with our little ones.

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