Thursday, April 14, 2016

work & school & summer 2016

Just a little update about what we've been up to! April had a pretty busy start with our move and a long weekend of general conference. Then, I started working some night shifts in early April. I was really worried about them but they went better than I had hoped, but I don't really want to work them long term, but we will see what happens I suppose. Haig is finishing up his first year of school! It is very exciting, but it is difficult to realize how much longer he has in school. He will work full time this summer as part of his cooperative education program, so that is a silver lining. We are simply trying to get our summer organized little by little. I work every second weekend and from now until August it seems we have something going on every weekend that I don't work and it looks something like this

I'm worried because everything is planned for the next couple of weeks that everything is just going to happen so fast. I really want to be able to enjoy this summer because it may just be our last summer for just the two of us. We certainly have a lot going on, but I am looking forward to the simple nights of a walk on the beach, ice cream dates and watching my husband play golf. Work is work. We both worked really hard last summer and we hope to do the same this summer, but there will always be time for these little things that I enjoy most.

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