Friday, May 20, 2016


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

It took me about a month on the waiting list at the library to get it, and then once it was available I found out I could only have it out for one week because it was so high in demand. So what did I do? I read it in less than three day. It was a really wonderful read. I love Louisa Clark, she is such an amazing, whole-hearted individual. Will Traynor is a dashing and whitty quadriplegic that Lou begins to care for. Their relationship grows as Louisa helps Will in finding ways to enjoy life. The book was not as romantic as I thought it might be, but I think that was for the best. The book focuses on many other relationship, including Will and Louisa to emphasize the moral of the story. The moral of this story in my words is learning to understand and support someone else's needs instead of pushing our own opinions to them. Everyone experiences different things in this life and what they wish to make of their life should ultimately be their decision.

Book Rating: ****/5

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