Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Family Family

Hello! We just had one crazy week with our friends and family. It was such a blast. It all started last weekend when Haig and I went over to Nova Scotia on Friday afternoon. We waited at the house for Rachel and Kent's arrival from Alberta only to find out they went out to dinner with mom and dad, so we hurried over to the restaurant they were having supper at to eat with everyone. It was so good to see Rachel and Kent (or Rent and Kachel as I mistakenly called them a couple times leading up to the weekend). We have not seen them for almost a year and what a year it has been for the both of us! On Friday night we hung out with our family as everyone was pretty relaxed and tired from a long warm day. 

On Saturday morning my sweet husband took me to the temple. I took a family name for the first time and it was a really great experience for me and did really inspire me to do more family history work. After the temple, we stopped to visit with my friend Jocelyn because we was doing some work in town that day. We also visited with Samantha and Jacob Moses and their new baby boy Skyler. He was so cute and I was happy to have some snuggles with a new born baby. I had a nap in the afternoon and we had supper with our family in the evening. Rachel, Mom and I went to visit with the Misner family who also just welcomed a new baby, Hazel. More baby snuggles, yes please! We also went grocery shopping for the meals and snacks we would be taking to PEI for the week! 

Haig and I had a fumble in the evening because earlier in the night he smashed his iPhone. I was not happy about this because it was the second time it had happened and because we just paid off the phone. Luckily for us, a couple days later we remembered that he did buy Apple Care with the phone and a box is in the way for us to send it away to be fixed!

Sunday was such a great day I'm so glad we could attend church as a big family. We took up a whole row! Right after our first church meeting, Rachel, Kent, Haig and I got changed and drove to the ferry in Pictou! We made it just in time for the boat that was crossing at 2:45pm. I was so excited as we drove off the boat when we got home to PEI especially because we had Rachel and Kent with us. I hope they did really enjoy their vacation here! We had some dinner with them and a lovely evening of catching up and playing some games. 

Lots more to come about the Cliff Family Reunion 2016!

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