Thursday, June 2, 2016

diy chalkboard speech bubbles

Look how great my speech bubbles turned out! I still need to get some magnets to superglue onto the back before they can go up on the fridge. I also thought I had a box of white writing chalk somewhere, but I think I misplaced it. Luckily, Micheals usually has them in their bargain section. For this project, I used my wooden speech bubbles, black chalkboard paint (chalkboard paint does come in some other cool colors) a pencil and a piece of paper. I was going to use the paper to make an oval tracer for the speech bubble, but I just drew it with the pencil and ended up using the paper for the paint and resting the foam brush on it. I put two coats of paint on the wood. I can still see some of the wood grain through the paint, so I could add another coat but I don't think that I will. 

I will post some pictures once they one on the fridge soon! 

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