Monday, June 6, 2016


A couple of weeks ago, we had Riley and Kayla over for a girls' night. I made yummy brownies and we watched a well-known Mormon love story called Charly. The main reason for us getting together was because Riley would be moving to Alberta that coming weekend, and I wouldn't be home to say goodbye to her! Riley is such an amazing person to me. I met her through our other sweet friend Julianna, who already lives in Alberta with her family. Riley started coming to church with the Ceron family and I really loved seeing how much they all cared for one another as family, even though they were not actually related. It was sad to see them move in 2014, and Riley had a hard time with them gone, but she remained strong and determined to set goals and work hard. Riley made the decision to move out west to be able to spend more time with this wonderful family before her and Julianna to to serve missions for the church. I could not be more proud of these young women. I am glad that Kayla and I were able to be by Riley's side these last few months. 

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