Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I have always loved the Body Shop and the products they carry, but in all honesty, I stopped using them for a couple of years just because I found other products that I wanted to try. When my acne started to come back in full force, I did a lot of research about natural skin care products that also help the environment. That's when I decided to give THE BODY SHOP a try again. The company makes products that they can be proud of, using raw ingredients to create products that are safe for skin while keeping the planet in mind. Their products are 100% vegetarian, are not tested on animals, packaging that reduces waste and the stores even conserve on electricity by using LED lights!!!

They also have a great rewards card called Love Your Body. This program gives you 10% off any purchase, $10 reward on your birthday, accumulating points towards more rewards and exclusive member events and offers. I signed up for a new card today ($10) and I got a free eye shadow and cosmetic bag.

The sales associate that helped me today in Charlottetown was wonderful. I told her the skin problems I have been dealing with and she did not judge me in any way! She offered great suggestions for my blemished and combination skin. Today I purchased the Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser to wash my face with everyday. I love the smell of tea tree oil, but sometimes I find it can be a little overwhelming for my face, but also very refreshing. I will also be trying out the Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator to be used about once or twice a week. I haven't been using anything to exfoliate so I hope this helps! I also purchased the Seaweed Oil Control Overnight Gel. I have been waking up with super oily skin so I also hope this helps. I will write some reviews in a couple weeks after trying out these products, but for now I just wanted to share them with everyone!  

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