Tuesday, July 26, 2016

beach baby

On Saturday, we were suppose to have a day trip to the beach with some of my friends, but the weather was calling for rain and thundershowers. Since we live on PEI though, the weather prediction was wrong and it was gorgeous all day. We decided to go to lunch as a group instead and I wore pants and a cardigan because I was cold when we were at home before we left. I was soo hot during our lunch. When we got back to the car I told Haig that I needed to go to the beach in a bad way! We got ready quickly and we went to Ross' Lane beach in the late afternoon. We had a nice time chatting in the water about our plans for the next few months, took a couple walks and had a nice time laying in the sun. We made a stop on our way home from the beach, and when I got home I took a shower and put my pajamas on before 7:00pm. We had a nice relaxing evening after a nice day off!

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