Thursday, July 28, 2016

the best deal ever

I was in Superstore recently and I usually look in the floral department and try and convince myself not to buy any flowers. I love having flowers in the house! They always look so nice and inviting. I went in to buy some stuff for my parent's anniversary party but I stopped to have a look and ask the floral department clerk what kind of sales they would have on flowers later in the week. I couldn't help but notice about 5 large pails of bouquets that were all marked on sale for 99 cents. I had to do a triple take and finally I asked the clerk "are all these bouquets 99 cents?!" and she replied yes. I went through the store to pick up a couple of things for the party and on my way out I stopped and bought three bouquets, one for a friend, one for mom and one for me. It was the best deal I've had in awhile and I needed those somewhat fresh but still very pretty flowers on my table to get me through the week!

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