Monday, November 28, 2016


Last month, Alberta took two of the best in my life. My sister Kayla and my best friend Jocelyn.

As you may know, Kayla has been dating Keaton for a couple of months now. She made the move to Edmonton in mid-October. Keaton's mom Jackie flew out here to the East Coast to help Kayla make the drive out. It was so good to meet her and I was so thankful for her willingness to help Kayla make this big move. Kayla is living in Edmonton now and she works as a third key holder at Rockport in the West Edmonton Mall. Her and Keaton are having lots of fun with his family and getting to know one another a bit better. Kayla registered her car this week and has an Alberta license plate now and everything. It seems so real that she is gone, but I know eventually we will be close to them in proximity again.

Jocelyn took a job in Banff, Alberta at the beginning of November. Her partner Dan also accompanied her to Alberta to find a job. They have had terrible luck finding jobs on PEI these last few months. It is really disappointing that they had to leave to find work but I am happy that they have done this together and that things have worked out so well for them since their arrival earlier this month.

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